Jnr8’ing Good Health – Healthy Eating

Our Healthy Eating workshops focus on cooking, and educating young people on eating a healthier diet, and the impact of food on the wider well-being. Our healthy eating workshops teaches young people about the impact of good nutrition, as well as acquiring knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and help establish lifelong healthy eating and cooking habits/skills. They also learn to understand the role of food within social and cultural contexts.

“The food we cook at Whiz is always healthy. I eat too much chips and stuff, so it’s good that I eat the food here – it’s always got vegetables in it.”
Young person, age 13

“I always eat healthy here – I know that we use fresh food all the time and that it’s halal. I help to cook the food a lot too, which is good because I don’t get a chance to do it at home. It’s always dead tasty too, and we don’t add salt to anything here either – that’s really good, because too much is bad for you.”
Young person, age 14