Jnr8’ing Good Health – Thai Boxing

Come along and take part in our long established Thai boxing sessions. Not only is there an option to take part in order to keep fit, but also to compete at professional level if that is your choice. For 12 years now we have delivered these sessions, allowing for young people to build on their confidence, self esteem and fitness levels. And make friends!!

“I want to start training with the school rugby team, but I was told to lose some weight first, by my teacher. It’s good that I get to go for runs in the park, and do Thai boxing on my own because I don’t like to take part in the sessions – I’m too embarrassed. I am much fitter now and more confident. I have some rugby trials coming up; I just hope I get on the team.”

3 Months Later
“I’m in the school rugby team – the captain! And I’m in the community rugby team too!
I feel amazing about all this. I love coming to Whiz, and I’m even joining in the Thai boxing sessions now – I’m loads more confident and I feel good about myself.”
Young person, age 14

“Since I started I have gained more confidence and skills. It motivated me to get involved in other physical activity too. And because it’s free I don’t have to worry about money or anything – my house is low on money – I felt stressed when other martial art clubs charge money – it’s stress free here – I can relax here. I have met new people here too.”
Young person, age 15

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